Tishri 10, 5777. Azazel. Leviticus 16.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the intercessors that follow whithersoever He leads…even unto death…

To: the intercessors that will hear this by the Spirit of God,

To: the intercessors that understand what God is saying this year, on Yom Kippur, by the Spirit of God,

To: the intercessors that know by the Spirit of God, what 5777, 5778, 5779, 2017, 2018, 2019, mean prophetically.

. tonight at sundown begins the prophetic feast of the Lord, Yom Kippur. Day of Atonement.

. our Father is a God of order. He does certain things on certain days, weeks, months, seasons, years, jubilees, and ages.

. He has given us HIS feasts to show prophetically what those things are.

. He doesn’t want us to be ignorant of what He has done, what He is doing, what He will do.

. on Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, there were certain things things that the High Priest was instructed to do. he was to make atonement.

. he didn’t wear his priestly regalia on this day. he wore only pure white linen. he was attired with a simple white linen coat. white linen breeches. white linen girdle. white linen mitre. holy garments.

. he drew lots for two goats. one for sacrifice. one for Azazel. banishment, removal from the camp into the wilderness, carrying the sins of the congregation on his head. he would die there.

. these scripture are similar to the two birds in chapter 14. the blood of the one killed, one living let go out of the city into the open field. to make an atonement for the house that had leprosy within it.

. in the late 1990’s, God called a many membered living sacrifice out. a company of intercessors. sons. to follow Him whithersoever He would go. to follow Him wherever He led them. He led them into the wilderness. a dry, lonely, barren land. many came out. removed. banished. into the wilderness. only God knows where they are, what they have been through,

. for the last 20 years.

. they have carried the sins of the congregation. they have carried the uncleanness and leprosy of the love of money and sexual sin of the congregation.

. they have laid their lives down in intercession for the sins of Gods people.

. just like the Lamb that was slain. they have followed His example. the Great Intercessor Himself. they have followed Him whithersoever He has led them.

. He led them into removal.

. He led them into banishment.

. He led them into the wilderness.

. to die there.

. to die to self. to die to ambition. to die to everything and everyone that they loved. to die to ministry. to die to careers. to die to the love of money. to die to monetary gain. to die to the worlds ways and rewards. to die to anything and everything but Him.

. they have forsaken houses and lands, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, children and grandchildren, for the kingdom of God’s sake.

. they have not been climbing the corporate ladder. they have been ascending and descending the ladder of God, receiving and implementing the instruction from heaven in this intercession.

. they have learned how to stand before the throne of God. day and night. bowing their head, their back, their knee, their will, their lives, before Him, crying: Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, which was and is and is to come!

. for the last 20 years.

. not seeing why. not knowing what was happening. day by day. by faith. following His leading.

. for the last 20 years.

. laying down their lives. even unto death.

. intercession.

. just like our Saviour.

. understanding will come now, where there has been no understanding.

. knowledge will come now, where there has been no knowing.

. we are entering into the reason for it all now.

. we are entering into the kingdom age now.

. these fall feasts of 2016 will lead us into a new time. a new day. in preparation for 2017, 2018.

. as it gets darker and darker on the earth, wars and rumours of wars, as nation rises against nation, as the gentile nations come together, with one head, as the gentile religeons come together, with one head, as mens hearts begin to fail them, for fear of what is coming on the earth,

. these mature sons will arise. these mature sons will begin to be revealed. these mature sons will be manifested.

. they are not afraid of death. they have already been through death. their bodies cannot be killed until He says so. then there is only resurrection for them.

. this life, next life, in the body, out of the body, it’s all the same thing to them,

. they still stand before Him. at the throne.

. they still follow Him.

. whithersoever He leads them…



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