Who Are These? part 2

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the Sons,

continued from this mornings post.

. these are they whose minds are indelibly imprinted, sealed, with their Fathers Name. every thought, every action, begins and ends in His Name. only His Name. no other name.

. these sing a new song that no one else can sing. no man can learn that song but them. they sing their song before the throne. because that is where they have been caught up to. that is their place. they have taken their place there. that is where they stand. they stand before His throne. no other throne.

. these are virgins. not defiled with religion and church systems. they follow only the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. they follow no other.

. these are the firstfruits unto God and the Lamb. they have matured and taken their place first. for them there is no other place.

. there is no guile in their mouth. they are without fault before the throne of God.

. like Levi, these have judged the love of money wherever it was found. even in son or brother, and attained the priesthood.

. like Phinehas, these have judged sexual sin, wherever it was found, and gained an everlasting priesthood.

. Aaron, who said of his father and mother, I do not regard them: nor did he acknowledge his brothers nor knew his own children: for the priests have observed thy word and kept thy covenant, as to their limitations. Deuteronomy 33:9. Leviticus 21: 10-12. KJV and Amplified.

. in other words, in their ministry to the Lord, the priests let no one stand in their way. Matthew 12: 46-50. KJV and Amplified.

. that is who these are.



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