October 31, 2016. Calling all midwives! Birth is imminent!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the intercessors that are standing and obeying.

. I haven’t been able to write for a while.

. I just got confirmation to what I believe is happening.

. I am strengthened and encouraged to be able to go on.

. I will write as I can, amidst the battle.

. I only know in part and see in part.

. my part.

. and sometimes I have to just go by faith, not being able to see clearly.

. there is a battle in the heavenlies.

. birth is taking place.

. the dragon stands to devour.

. the kingdom is being birthed.

. it will come at exactly the right time. according to Gods plan.

. simultaneously, the counterfeit kingdom is being birthed.

. the man that is orchestrating that counterfeit kingdom has said: “America is the only nation that is holding it back.”

. this counterfeit kingdom will be birthed at exactly the right time. according to God’s plan.

. exact timing.

. intercession is not prayer. intercession is the laying down of our lives to bring forth HIS WILL in the earth.

. prayer will come also, bathing it and surrounding it.

. we have come to the place where only intercession will see this thing through.

. for the next 8 days, as the God of heaven and earth helps us, let us lay down our lives in birthing intercession for the WILL of the God of heaven and earth to be done in the earth.

. THY KINGDOM come. THY WILL be done.

. in the earth. just as it is in heaven.


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