America. the Goyim. the love of money. sexual sin. Globalism. will our Father be surprised? Sons. Overcomers. King/Priests. Throne bearers. the untied, loosed, colt. Food for thought!!!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the Sons

. I am not a political person.

. I am a Kingdom person.

. I am a ‘restoration of temple worship in the Kingdom of God’ person.

. I am a ‘know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?’ person.

. I am a ‘follow Him whithersoever He goeth’ person.

. the election in America next week is not about personalities. it is not about political parties. it is not about Republican or Democrat.

. it is about globalism. (one world government).

. it is about the one that is financing and orchestrating globalism saying that “America is the only thing standing in the way”.

. it is about the counterfeit kingdom trying to take it’s place now.

. it is about the true Kingdom of God that is being birthed now.

. America will stand or fall at God’s hand now.

. globalism will come now or later, at Gods hand now.

. it is not about this nation or any other nation or rulers of nations or want-to-be ruler of nations voting or voicing or enforcing their opinion now.

. our Father will not be shocked at the result of this election! He will not be wringing His hands saying: Oh gee whiz! why did they vote the wrong way!?!? What am I going to do now??? Neither will He be clapping His hands saying: Oh thank God! I’m so thankful they voted the right way! what would I have done if they hadn’t???

. He expects us to know what is going on in the Spirit. He expects us to have heard His Voice and know His Will concerning this election.

. I am sorry to say, but, those that have not let go of the love of money, those that have not let go of sexual sin, those that insisted on having their own way, those that will not let go of the worlds ways and the worlds systems and the worlds corporate ladder, those that have refused His Voice, have not heard His Will or His Way.

. it is about God’s timing now.

. God’s timing, when the many membered colt, in every nation, tribe, kindred and tongue, that has been tied up in the wilderness for the last 20 years is being loosed! untied! Why?

. because the Lord has need of the colt!

. God’s timing, when all of the suffering and preparation and discipline and training and maturing of the Sons is complete!

. those that carry Him in when He comes in. those that carry Him out when He goes out.

. the picture in the earth is the donkey that Jesus rode on.

. the picture in the Spirit is the ‘throne bearers’.

. we will do what He has trained us to do this week! from now on through eternity!

. we will take our place before the throne this week! from now on through eternity!

. we will function fully and faithfully as who we are! this week! from now on through eternity!

. I am standing in faith, asking and trusting and believing Him for a space, a stay, in order to preach the gospel of the kingdom in liberty and freedom,

. and I am going to vote, according to the way that I have heard our Father say to vote.

. but no matter the outcome of this election, our Father knows the end from the beginning. He expects us to have made it our business to know also. His Kingdom will come. His will will be done. on the earth just like it is in heaven. God is still on the throne as the Supreme Ruler of the universe. He has been and is raising up His Kingdom of priests. a company of King/Priests, Overcomers. that will soon be revealed and manifested. Sons. that have stationed themselves there, that will rule and reign with Him there, caught up to Him there,

. standing before Him there,

. falling on their faces before Him there,

. singing a new song there,

. crying out day and night, morning and evening there:

. holy! holy! holy! Lord God Almighty! which was and is and is to come!

. within and around the Throne.

. read the book. see if it isn’t so.



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