The spirit behind globalism is very angry.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the ruling prophetic priesthood.

To: the King/Priests.

To: those that prophetically ‘worship His Will’ from the Spirit realm into the earth.

. this is a crying out today.

. this is a pleading and a calling today.

. this is a warning today.

. this is a Halloo today.

. the hour is come and now is, that we must stand up in our place like we have never done before,

. we must stand in our place as a ruling prophetic priesthood, in agreement with God’s Will.

. times have changed. the very day that we have lived in is changing.

. our warfare has to come up beyond where we were in the church age.

. the way we fought spiritual battles in the church age must be adjusted according to the hour and the day.

. God changes not.

. we must change.

. look again into the book of Revelation.

. our warfare is worship.

. the only reason that we worship Him is because He is worthy,

. but when we worship Him, endtime judgement comes. then we worship Him for that righteous judgement.

. we have now come into the time when the first seal will be opened.

. the spirit of antichrist was poised and ready to have his way,

. he is angry at his brief, temporary, postponement,

. he has unleashed into the streets of America his angry, murdering spirit.

. he has unleashed into the airways, into the internet, into the media in America, his angry, murdering spirit.

. murder is being loosed.

. he doesn’t believe that he can only come in God’s timing. globalism cannot come before God’s timing. he must wait for God’s timing.

. we cannot fight this antichrist spirit in the old way that we have known and lived in.

. we must come up to the throne now!

. let the ruling prophetic priesthood, let the Sons begin to rule! from the throne!

. let the Sons take their place at and around the throne and prophetically worship the Only One that is worthy!

. let the Sons fall down before Him day and night, saying: Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty, which is and which was and which is to come!

. let the Sons that know His Will and His Timing stand and declare it in prophetic worship!

. let the Sons stand up and lead prophetic worship in and over America and the nations today! and everyday!

. let the Sons bring from this prophetic worship, the very Will and Timing of God into America and the nations today! and everyday!

. let the Sons be revealed and manifested and take their place!

. let the Sons be seen and manifested as who they are!

. the Sons must rule! from the throne! today! the duly elected president-elect of America must not be murdered by this angry, murdering spirit!

. this angry, murdering, antichrist spirit must bow it’s knee and it’s will to the Timing and Will of God!!!

. hurry! the Lord has need of the colt!

. hurry! the Lord rides upon, and sits upon, like a throne, the prophetic praise and worship of His people!!!

. Sons!!! stand up and rule!!! stand up and prophesy!!! stand up and worship Him!!!

. stop this angry, murdering spirit that has been unleashed in America!!!

. today!!!


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