Tandem. Part 1.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will move in tandem.

. I just heard the word tandem.

. tandem: Websters. at last. at length. (taken to mean “lengthwise”), a 2- seated carriage drawn by horses harnessed one before the other. a team so harnessed. a group of 2 or more arranged one behind the other or used or acting in conjunction – in tandem. in partnership or conjunction. one after or behind another. consisting of things or having parts arranged one behind another.

. there is violence in the Spirit again and still this morning.

. death has come within 2 days for 2 men, that cannot go unnoticed.

. one in spiritual government. one in national government.

. a ‘changing of the guard’ has come and is coming. in the Spirit and in the natural.

. elections have and will be held in different nations that are endeavoring to postpone globalism.

. the spirit of antichrist (lawlessness), that is behind globalism is very violent and very angry.

. globalism will come. it is at the door of every nation even today, demanding to come. one world government, one world currency, one world church will come. because God said that it will come. not because human men and women that are in governmental authority are demanding it. globalism will come when and only when God says that it will come.

. I believe that it is God’s will to give a stay, a space, for the gospel of the kingdom to be preached.

. there is a battle in the heavenly’s

. we must walk and work and worship in tandem with Him.

. we must be harnessed and in partnership and in conjunction with Him and behind Him. He must lead the way. we have never been this way before. only He knows the way. we can only follow the cloud. the day, the age, has changed. we have never been here before. this is new territory. old ways of thinking and doing and ministering don’t apply over here. over here in this day it is not about us or our ‘ministry’ or what we can do or say. over here in this day it is all about HIM and what HE will do and say. HE is doing a new thing. Elijah is here to restore ALL things. we have never seen ALL things restored before. HE is going to make ALL things new. we must ‘come up hither’ now, into this new day and hear and see Him by His Spirit and His Word. together, in conjunction, in partnership, harnessed, in tandem, behind Him, we will take the kingdom.



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