The Fire coming down and the Glory of the Lord filling the house!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that are listening.

To: those that are waiting for instruction from the throne of God.

To: those that will hear and obey that instruction.

To: those that are prepared and ready to prophesy.

To: the prophetic king/priests.

To: the prophetic kingdom of priests.

To: the throne bearers.

To: those that carry Him in when He goes in.

To: those that carry Him out when He goes out.

. (God, still, only moves on the shoulders of the priests.)

To: those that go with Him whithersever He goes.

To: His own.

To: His prophets.

To: the sons.

. you know who you are.

. all of those ‘things’ that you have been through will now work together for good.

. now you will see what He will do.

. the spirit of globalism, one world government, one world currency, one world church; the spirit that is behind and will soon empower the 2 men that will step up as antichrist (lawlessness), and the false prophet (counterfeit king/priest), is very angry and violent and murderous right now. his ‘sure fire’ plan was and is being foiled in this present time and he is pulling out all the stops.

. the battle in the heavenly’s is as great as I have ever witnessed.


. BUT GOD has sent and is sending instruction right this very moment to His own.

. there is instruction for us from the Spirit of God.

. there is work for us to do in and by the Spirit of God.

. we must be about our Father’s business.

. I will do my part with His help. during this time, until the Lord tells me different, I will be posting these downloaded instructions twice a day, corresponding to the morning and evening sacrifice (worship), at least 4 days a week. my intent is to write and post in the midst of this battle as much as I can, as He helps me.

. in the midst, I believe the tabernacle of David will be restored.

. in the midst, I believe we will take the kingdom.

. in the midst, I believe God is doing a new thing. (which is really the old original thing).

. in the midst, I believe the temple, which we are, will be restored in every nation, tribe, kindred and tongue. 24 courses of the prophetic ruling priesthood. in 24 time zones. a fully functioning restored prophetic ruling priesthood. all across the earth,

. ruling in the midst of God’s enemies.

. priesting the nations.

. bringing the fire of God, the Glory of God that will fill the house.

. that’s a big order.

. is anything too hard for God?



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