To God’s Dear Ones. The Prophetic Intercessors.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those who belong only to Him.

To: those who are tired and weary and worn from carrying and praying thru God’s Will for this nation and the nations of the earth in this certain time.

To: those that have not loved their own lives, even unto death.

To: those who have laid down their lives for the kingdom.

To: God’s dear ones. the prophetic intercessors.


. this poem is from E.W. Bullingers book: The Witness of the Stars. page 196.


“The world is sick, and yet not unto death;

There is for it a day of health in store;

From lips of love there comes the healing breath,-

The breath of Him who all it’s sickness bore,

And bids it rise to strength and beauty evermore.


Evil still reigns; and deep within we feel

The fever, and the palsy, and the pain

Of life’s perpetual heartaches, that reveal

The rooted poison, which, from heart and brain,

We labour to extract, but labour all in vain.


Our skill avails not; ages come and go,

Yet bring with them no respite and no cure;

The hidden wound, the sigh of pent-up woe,

The sting we smother, but must still endure,

The worthless remedies which no relief procure,-


All these cry out for something more divine,

Which the worst woes of earth may not withstand;

Medicine that cannot fail-the oil and wine,

The balm and myrrh, growth of no earthly land,

And the all skillful touch of the great Healers hand.


Man needs a prophet : Heavenly Prophet, speak,

And teach him what he is too proud to hear.

Man needs a priest : True Priest, Thy silence break,

And speak the words of pardon in his ear.

Man needs a king : O King, at length in peace appear.”


. dear intercessor, I pray for you.

. there is still so much work to do, but right now, today,

. may God bless you for remaining faithful.

. may God bless you for always being a vessel.

. may God strengthen your body that has taken the tremendous spiritual pressure. every cell, every organ. every muscle. every nerve.

. may God renew every worn place, every weakened place, in your body, soul and spirit.

. may God pour in the oil and wine of His Spirit,

. may God cause you to break forth into Joy, now, today,

. and give you rest,

. and peace.







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