“Gone are the days when she was His alone…”Part 1.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will be His alone…

. I have three threads running here in the Spirit:

. #1. the 12 Tribes of Israel, including the 12,ooo out of the 12. gates. pearls. stars. rods. government. priesthood.

. #2. Deborah and Jael.

. #3. feminism.

. I suspect that all three threads will join together in a few days, and we will see that they are all one word.

. this word will also take several posts

. the morning of January 29, I heard the Lord speak this sentence to me: “Gone are the days when she was His alone”

. the birthing and the warfare against that birthing, in the Spirit, escalated to a shocking degree in January. it seems that the whole earth, this nation, and the nations of the earth, are in transition. Satan himself stationed at the birthing place to devour that which is being birthed.

. there is a word, no matter how unpopular, that must be spoken:

. this word speaks of and to individual women as well as corporate, many membered bodies of women:

. there is a diabolical demonic spirit afoot among women. individually and corporately. this spirit has been busy since the garden.

. this spirit is no respecter of persons.

. this spirit targets all women. women of the world and women in God.

. this spirit targets men. to bring them under. to make them impotent in God given authority.

. women and men all across the earth are afraid of this spirit. afraid to dare to speak up and say: No! this is wrong! The Emperor really does not have any clothes on!

. this spirit targets marriage and childbearing and childraising.

. I could go thru the whole of scripture, naming the women that have carried this spirit, but there is no time for that.

. I could go on and on with all the disclaimers about what must be spoken, but there is no time for that.

. I could wear myself out trying not to offend the women that will read this, but there is no time for that.

. this word is volatile.

. this word will offend.

. this word has been stamped out and trodden out and beaten out until very few have the audacity to even mention it, because,

. this spirit retaliates.

. I name a few women from scripture that carried this spirit: Eve. Semiramis. Jezebel. Babylon.

. this spirit is called ‘feminism’.

. websters: feminism. 1. the THEORY of the POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, and SOCIAL EQUALITY of the sexes. 2. organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. (capitals mine)

. this spirit has all but taken over the world. it is organized and it is militant. it operates under the guise of “watching out for women, seeing to it that they are not mistreated, or treated unfairly.”

. it operates in the world, and I am sorry to say, it operates among God’s people.

. feminism ought not to be even mentioned among God’s people.

. this is the woman that Zechariah saw that was put in the ephod. the lid put on the ephod. the ephod carried away and set on it’s base in Babylon. her name is Wickedness.

. this is the woman in Revelation. clothed in scarlet. sitting on the beast. the mother of all harlots and abominations.

. this spirit will not enter the kingdom.

. the relationship between husband and wife in the earth, whether it goes right, or whether it goes wrong, is an example of the relationship between the Lord Jesus and the church. whether it is going right or whether it is going wrong.

. for the husband is head of the wife just like Jesus is head of the church.

. this spirit has caused multitudes of women, across the earth, in every nation, tribe, kindred and tongue. to come out from under the headship of husband.

. this spirit hates men.

. this spirit hates God’s authority.

. this spirit hates the God-given authority of husband and father.

. this spirit hates the God-given place of wife and mother.

. this spirit kills babies.

. this spirit is causing women to turn to each other sexually, in order to rid themselves of the authority of husband, and ultimately, God.

. this spirit insists on it’s own way.

. in the church and in the world, women are ‘demanding’ their ‘rights’.

. in the church and in the world, women are ‘demanding’ ‘equality’.

. in the church and in the world, “sisters are doin’ it for themselves”…

. look into the book. look around you. watch the news. see if it isn’t so


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