“Gone are the days when she was His alone”…Part 2.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will return and again be His alone…

. approximately 15 years ago, I watched a television program.

. it was a well known minister who pastored a large congregation with her husband.

. she was discussing wives and husbands with a group of people that were sitting with her.

. these were her words:

. “what if she doesn’t need him anymore?

. she doesn’t need his God.

. she doesn’t need his house.

. she doesn’t need his car.

. she doesn’t need his money.”

. I got the definite impression that she was talking about herself.

. it was awkward to say the least.

. I turned the program off, so I didn’t hear their answer.

. they soon divorced because of adultery and went their separate ways.

. let individual wives repent of feminism.

. let the church repent of feminism.

. let individual wives sing again to him the old song:

. let the church sing again to Him the old song:

. “I need thee, O I need thee. every hour I need thee. O bless me now my Saviour, I come to thee.” ( the scripture says that the husband is the saviour of her body, just like Jesus is the Saviour of the body.)

. lest the women that we saw the other day marching in the streets, are left running the nations.

. O wait a minute! weren’t they already planning and set up and poised to do that? and God stopped them?

. lest the church is left within Laodicea, saying: I am rich, and increased with goods, and I have need of nothing…

. O wait a minute! isn’t the 21st century gentile church system already Laodicea and haven’t they already said that…..? and God has gone on passed them….?


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