Gone are the days when she was his alone…” Part 4. my spirit is so grieved….!!!!! my spirit is so grieved!!! my spirit is so grieved!!!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: women that are living in the midst of great suffering because of a man that will not act right. because of a man that will not take and keep the Lord Jesus as his head. because of a man that won’t lay his self-life down and Love his wife just exactly like the Lord Jesus Loves the ecclesia. because of a proud man…

. I am so grieved in my spirit right now, there are no words to express…only great groaning and unspeakable utterances of grief and anguish…

. there is, I think, birthing in the Spirit right here…

. I have to cry it out!

. I have to write it out!

. to you, my dear sister, please allow the Holy Ghost to mother you through me today.

. run to Jesus! another time! another day!

. stay there with Him!!! another time! another day!

. only look at Him!!! another time! another day!

. He has seen! He knows! He understands!

. He has a plan. He has a reason.

. let me try to tell, to write, to cry out, the end from the beginning, so to speak…

. there is no suffering like the suffering in a marriage gone bad…

. there is no suffering quite like your own human love dying…right before your eyes…

. human love being squeezed out of you, one great bloody drop at a time, with no place to run, no place to hide…

. you are dry and brittle and about to break and despondent and loveless with no place to run to, no place to hide, no comfort, no future, no relief, year after year after year…

. children born, raised, gone from you, while you still live in the same quiet desperation…

. just get through this day-then the next day-then the next…year after year after decade…

. you have held on to God until you can’t hold on anymore…

. He holds on to you as you go under…

. He is not going to let you go!

. stay the course. relief is on the way!

. stay the course. help is on the way!

. stay the course. all the seeds of suffering that produces obedience have taken root under there!

. repent yourself. always live in repentance yourself!

. repent from the pride that comes with knowing that you are right and he is wrong.

. repent from every sin that so easily besets you!

. repent from every evil that this has produced in you!

. God is coming on the scene! God is speaking to you!

. HE wants to be! He will be! you must learn! that HE is the Lover of your soul!

. your suffering has produced the fruit of obedience!

. don’t slip and do something stupid now!!!

. you have stood this long!!!

. don’t sell your children out now!!!

. right before your breakthrough!!!


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