Tribes. Sons. Ruling. Gates. Pearls. Part 2.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the Tribes.

To: the Sons.

To: the ruling Priesthood.

To: the 12,000 out of the 12 tribes of Israel.

To: the Rods. not just those that wield the rod, but those who are the Rod.

To: the gates.

To: the pearls.

To: Ephraim (the 10 northern tribes), scattered abroad amongst the gentiles in every nation, tribe, kindred and tongue,

. so completely assimilated amongst the gentiles that he has lost all knowledge of who he is.

. Paul was the apostle to the gentiles.

. the apostle is the first to go in with the message.

. Paul went in to the gentiles to take OUT of the gentiles a people for His name.

. that people is Ephraim, along with anybody and everybody else that will come out of the gentiles with him.

. Ephraim is God’s firstborn. the primogenitor of God’s house.

. the time to come out of the gentiles is now.

. it is time, even past time, to come out of the gentiles. now.

. Daniel saw the end of all gentile world rule. both governmental and spiritual.

. Daniel saw the Stone, cut without hands, break the gentile world system to pieces. he saw it become like the chaff of the summer threshingfloors, and the wind carried it away, that no place was found for it anymore.

. Daniel saw the Stone that smote the gentile world system become a great mountain (kingdom), and fill the whole earth.

. Jesus said: Pray like this: thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on the earth just like it is in heaven.

. Jesus is answering His own prayer!!!

. His kingdom is coming on the earth! just like it is in heaven!

. His will will be done on the earth! just like it is in heaven!

. do you not know who you are?

. were you born and raised among the gentiles, until you have forgotten who you are?

. have you worshipped in the gentile church system, with their gentile feasts, on their gentile worship days, for so many generations, that you have forgotten who you are?

. do you belong to Jesus?

. are you called by His Name?

. are you part of His very body?

. does the blood and water that ran out of His side as He hung on that cross wash you and cleanse you and keep you and cover you and run through your veins?

. does that blood and water make you His very own?

. because of that blood and water are you now the very seed of Abraham?

. then you are no longer a gentile.

. come out.



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