Tribes. Sons. Rods. Ruling. Gates. Pearls. Part 3.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the 12 tribes.

. Israel is made up of 12 tribes. no more. no less.

. Israel always has been 12 tribes. Israel always will be 12 tribes.

. 12 is the number of governmental perfection.

. the church age started out with 12 x 10. 120.

. 10 is the number of ordinal perfection.

. the 7th day kingdom age will start out with 12 x 12,ooo. 144,000,

. a great multiplication of 12, a great multiplication of governmental perfection.

. 12,000 out of each of the 12 tribes of Israel.

. around the tabernacle in the wilderness, each 3 tribes had their standard that they marched and encamped under. 3 tribes on the north. 3 tribes on the east. 3 tribes on the south. 3 tribes on the west. 4 standards: Lion. Man. Ox. Eagle.

. 3 is the number of completion.

. each tribe has it’s gemstone. 12 gemstones. on the breastplate. with the name of each tribe engraved in these stones.

. the location of the tribes around the tabernacle in the wilderness was this: the ark in the center. the priests around that on all four sides. the tribes around that. three tribes on the north. three tribes on the east. three tribes on the south. three tribes on the west. all four sides with their standard.

. the location of the tribes in the bride city is this: the city foursquare. 12,000 furlongs. the length, breadth, and height are equal.

. the wall thereof 144 cubits.

. 12 foundations of the wall. each foundation a gemstone.

. 12 gates to the city. no more. no less. gates never shut. the glory and honour of the nations shall come through these gates. nothing that defiles nor any abomination shall come through these gates. each gate a pearl. at each gate an angel. each of the 12 gates bearing the name of a tribe.

. 3 gates on the north. three gates on the east. three gates on the south. three gates on the west.

. after this dispensation of time is completed, and it comes time for you to enter this bride city, which gate, which tribe, will you enter through…?


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