What has been birthed is not a revival! It is a New Day! God’s 7th Day! A New Age! God’s Kingdom Age! The Kingdom!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that take the kingdom.

To: those that take HIS ABSOLUTE RULE.

To: those who take HIS ABSOLUTE DOMINION.

To: those who follow HIM whithersoever HE goeth.

To: those, because of that, will rule and reign with HIM. from the throne. as kings and priests.

. bowing down before Him at the throne. worshipping Him.

. bearing Him in when He comes in. bearing Him out when He goes out.

. there is a LOT of misunderstanding out there about what has happened and what is happening.

. what is a kingdom?

. kingdom. Strongs OT #4467, 4468, 4437, 4438, 4410

. kingdom. Strongs NT #932.

. the kingdom is domination. rule. reign. the ascending to the throne. the inducting into royalty. be king. make king. set a king. set up a king. begin to reign. make to reign. dominion. kingly realm. empire. a rule. a dominion. a foundation of power. a sovereign.

. the kingdom is a new day. a new age. God’s 7th day.

. there has never been a 7th day before.

. the kingdom is not a revival in the church.

. God gave the church age the 5th and 6th days. 2,000 years. that is completed.

. God will do a new thing.

. the kingdom is not about us. our ministry. what we will do or be, except in the sense of what we will do and be in HIS RULE. HIS KINGDOM.

. the kingdom is about HIS ABSOLUTE RULE.





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