His morning and evening sacrifice forever lives…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the worshippers.

. how do I say this?

. I have never heard this, this way, before just now.

. it is almost too much to express in human words.

. I don’t know if I can say it, if I can express it, it surpasses my human understanding.

. it must be understood and spoken by the Word and by the Spirit of God.

. I will try.

. Jesus was taken as the Lamb at the hour of the morning sacrifice.

. Jesus died as the Lamb at the hour of the evening sacrifice.

. that sacrifice, that morning and the evening sacrifice, His sacrifice, the Tamid, ever lives…

. the Tamid.

. a living thing. living forever. to make intercession for us.

. when we step into the perpetual, continual, morning and evening sacrifice, worship, that the Lord speaks and instructs us so much about; the Tamid. to live there forever, to offer our bodies and souls and spirits in worship to Him there forever, to lay down our lives for Him there forever, to follow His example there forever, we are remembering and celebrating, and stepping into, WITH HIM, HIS eternal, perpetual, continual, daily, living sacrifice that forever lives to make intercession for every person that has ever lived, or now lives, or will ever live on the face of this earth.

. how about that?!?!


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