The Tamid is the perpetual, continual sacrifice. (worship). perpetual, continual, eternal Worship. now and forever.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will worship Him continually. perpetually. eternally.

. the Lord talks much about the continual morning and evening sacrifice. (worship)

. He calls it the ‘perpetual sacrifice’.

. He calls it the ‘continual sacrifice’.

. Tamid is the hebrew word for continual.

. Strongs OT# 8548. continual. tamid. to stretch. properly continuance (as an indefinite extension). constant. constantly. the regular daily sacrifice. alway. always. continual. daily. continual employment. continually. ever. evermore. perpetual.

. the Tamid, the continual, perpetual, daily sacrifice (worship), will always be. it is eternal.

. that is why we see it in heaven.

. in the book of The Revelation.

. worship.

. to the only One that is Worthy.

. forever.

. read the book. see if it isn’t so.


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