Urgent! Our Warfare is Different in this season! even today! even in this hour!!!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: my readers.


. the globalist spirit that will bring in one world government and one world currency and one world church and one world ruler is raging.

. I believe that the man antichrist is already among us.

. of course, all of this, seemingly headed up, again, by a woman.

. God’s people prayed the election through, now we must worship through this unprecedented battle to stop what God has done and will do in this nation!

. Europe is moving fast into globalism.

. the French election showed that to be true.

. God has given America a space. a reprieve, if you will.

. why? He wants to do something here in America!

. we must, as God’s people, begin to Worship!

. Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

. daily, like the Lord has confirmed today.

. morning and evening.

. if you are at work during the worship hours, go to the bathroom or any separate room and worship. if you can’t do that, worship Him silently in your spirit!!!

. worship Him in your bed at night at the beginning of every watch, and at the midnight hour!

. begin to live your life to worship Him! become a worshipper!

. let worship be your occupation!

. cause the king/priest company to be your occupation!

. put other things aside!

. God has given us a reprieve in this nation, but the battle is great!!! the battle is raging!!!

. worship is our weapon in this hour!!

. the absolute declaring and adoring and singing and saying of WHO HE IS!!! all powerful! all mighty! ever present! all knowing and all seeing and Holy and Terrible!!! to the kings of the earth!

. say unto God: How awesome and fearfully glorious are Your Works! Through the greatness of Your Power shall Your enemies submit themselves to You (with feigned and reluctant obedience). Psalm 6:3.

. worship your way through the book of Revelation with that endtime worship from the king/priests!

. RULE then in the midst of our enemies!!!

. as kings that wear the ephod.

. just like David.

. worship is our weapon in this hour!!!

. worship is our scepter in this hour!!!

. begin today! right now! begin tonight and every day and night from here on through until Jesus splits the heavens open and comes in the clouds!!!

. then go on to eternity to worship Him there forever!

. Solomon summed it all up:  The end of the matter is this:

. Worship God. and keep His commandments.




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