Doubling Down…..

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: His prophetic intercessors.

To: His prophetic worshipers.

To: His prophetic scribes

. we have been through some ‘difficult’ intercession lately.

. today, we see the slightest, slightest, turning.

. in the nation, in the nations.

. a ‘breather’, if you will.

. we have to ‘double down’ now in worship.

. in order to live, in order to write, in order to renew our strength,

. and because our Love for HIM has always and always will come first.

. I want to write to you, dear one, an old poem that has meant so much to me in my journey through the years.

. I don’t know exactly who wrote it.

. possibly Hannah Hurnard:

My bonds are very very strong

I never can go free.

To Holy Love I now belong

And He belongs to me.

And all the power of earth and heaven,

Into my Love-chained hands is given.


Controlled by Him I have no might

To let self plan or choose.

But this control is my delight

And freedom I refuse.

The King of Love as Lord I own,

And sit with Him upon His throne.









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