There has been a change. shall ye not know it? God is doing a new thing. shall He not show it? singers. musicians. worshippers. priesthood.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that are watching.

. as the sun went down on Pentecost last night, there was a change in the Spirit.

. there has been a completion.

. something was ‘worked out’, ‘birthed’, if you will, through the omer this year.

. look into the Spirit realm. see if it isn’t so.

. the intercession, the battle, the birthing, exacerbated right after Hanukah 2016, and has continued to intensify to an unbearable level since then.

. I read what a terribly hard time believers have had lately. them not knowing that it was a world-wide, tremendously hard, difficult, end-time, birthing intercession.

. if you will begin to notice, God moves on His feast cycle.

. if we move with God, then we move on His feast cycle also, whether we even know that in our minds or not.

. a birth has come.

. it remains to be seen what has happened.

. it remains to be seen what will happen.

. how do I say this?

. the words that I use must be new. the song that I sing must be different. the burden that I carry must take flight. for the new day.

. it has to do with worship. and singing. and playing musical instruments. for the new day.

. remember, our vocal chords are our stringed instruments. our lungs are our wind instruments. our hands and feet are our percussion instruments.

. we don’t necessarily have to play a separate musical instrument.

. it has to do with His priesthood ministering to Him now. only to Him now. in the new day.

. it has to do with Joy.

. it has to do with the sons of Zadok.

. it has to do with a former priesthood passing away, and a new priesthood coming forth. revealed. functioning.

. you have seen the worlds priesthood, the singers and musicians of a generation, tragically, heartbreakingly, passing away, making way for a new priesthood in the world.

. you will see the same thing in the Spirit of God:

. an old order passing away. (I’m NOT talking about natural death here, I’m talking about a demotion in the Spirit.)

. a new priesthood will come on the scene for the 7th day house.

. not necessarily seen with the natural eye.

. kingdom worshippers.

. kingdom singers and musicians.

. kingdom ministers.

. a new priesthood.

. for a new day.

. a new thing.

. the kingdom.




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