Prophetic Intercessor. our hardest and our finest hour. our God, our Mighty God, sends truth and encouragement to us today!!! Part 2.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the prophetic intercessor.

. The Lord God of heaven and earth sees everyone of us today.

. His heart is moved for us today.

. He sees and knows how the intercession has intensified today.

. He has a Word of explanation and understanding and comfort and Love and strength from His Heart, to our heart today.

. remember intercession is not prayer.

. intercession is the laying down of one’s life.

. usually, in the midst of everyone around us, we walk alone.

. for whatever the reasons in God, my greatest sorrows, these ‘conditions’ that have produced travail, have remained hidden.

. hidden even from the closest family members as they have been allowed to produce most of the travail themselves,

. and to this day, they don’t know or care why they have done it.

. I realize today that I have always tried to hide who and what I am.

. from everybody.

. except God.

. I knew that it would not be understood.

. by anybody. but God.

. the only time that I didn’t hide was the period between 1983-1994. when our congregation was together and functioning, and the intercessors that God raised up, that I still Love so much, prayed with me and for me. I could be myself with them. they understood.

. these things must be and can only be seen and understood by the Spirit of God.

. but these things must be seen and understood today, because of the times that we are immediately going into, times, seasons, that are ours to intercede through.

. times concerning the nations. the goyim.

. times concerning Israel.

. the prophetic intercessor must be despised and rejected of men.

. the prophetic intercessor must be a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.

. those that we Love hide their faces from us and esteem us not.

. we are esteemed stricken; smitten of God, and afflicted.

. we must not open our mouth!!!

. (dear God, I have lived ‘opening my mouth’. always trying to explain myself! always trying to give some sort of explanation for my life! I repent today. I turn from ‘opening my mouth’. today. this is the explanation for my life. today.)

. oppressed. grieved. bruised. offering our soul, offering the travail of our soul to Him.

. the dear Lord Jesus Himself is here to encourage us today.

. He is here to strengthen us today, for the intercession that lies ahead, for Israel and the nations,

. that His will will be done in the earth just like it is in heaven.

. for His kingdom to come, for His will to be done, in the earth, just like it is in heaven.

. the pleasure of the Lord will prosper in our hand!

. we shall see the fruit of the travail of our soul and be satisfied!

. because we have poured out our soul and made intercession!

. let us be strengthened with a little taste of vinegar today, to strengthen us in these last few moments of this age,

. just like our example.

. just like Jesus.


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