Prophetic Intercessor. Our hardest but our finest hour? The thing we were born to?

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the prophetic intercessor.

. bear with me as I try to write this out:

. forgive me where I am at a loss for human words:

. the hearing of this must be by the Spirit of God.

. I’m not saying this is the case across the board,

. but this has been the case with me.

. our lives have been lived amidst ‘conditions’ that bring about travail.

. conditions as varied as the intercessors themselves,

. but conditions that bring about travail nonetheless.

. conditions that cannot be ‘fixed’ by human hands.

. conditions that cannot be ‘fixed’ even by other intercessors.

. conditions that call for ‘the laying down of one’s life.’

. personal conditions unknown to the casual observer.

. unknown except by the Spirit of God.

. we are interceding within endtime events, even today, prophesied for millenia (is that a word? sp?), through the scriptures, by the Spirit of God.

. this is our hardest, but our finest hour.

. the nations are ‘gearing up’ for the very end time.

. the nations are ‘gearing up’ against Israel.

. against Jerusalem.

. the gematria of isis is 666.

. the gematria of Saras is 666.

. but God has put a ‘negotiator’ among the nations,

. who stands with Israel.

. unprecedented opposition, even this morning, to keep this man from his destiny. among the nations. with Israel.

. soon, all Israel will have to do, is put a tent with an ark in it, on the temple mount, and start the morning and evening sacrifice, thereby ‘restoring the tabernacle of David’,

. then the man of sin will step up and stop the morning and evening sacrifice,

. then we are on our way to the end and the coming of the Lord Jesus our Messiah.

. unusually hard in the Spirit lately?

. unusually hard ‘laying down your life’ lately?

. unusually hard in every sense of the word lately?

. Good!!! we are fulfilling our destiny!!!

. Good!!! we are fulfilling our vocation!!!

. Good!!! this is our hardest but our finest hour!!!

. this is the thing, the time, we were born to!!!

. He will soon say,”Well done my good and faithful servant, enter thou in…..”

. look up dear intercessor!!!

. our redemption draweth nigh!!!


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