God has it. it has already been written.

From: Sophereh at Kirjath Sepher

To: the house.

. the pressure in the realm of the Spirit is so heavy today, the only relief that I can get is to write this:

. I believe that the Lord God put Donald Trump in the office of President of the United States.

. I believe the greater reason for that has to do with Israel.

. we must stay yielded and stay standing, and do our part in intercession, and believe that the Lord God will keep him safe, in order to do what he was put there to do.

. in May of 2018, in 11 months, we will see the 70 year mark of Israel becoming a nation, and the Latter Rain Revival.

. we are NOT on the verge of a great revival in the church.

. the Church Age is completed.

. we are on the verge of the last 7 years of this age.

. we are on the verge of a new age. a new day. the 7th day of God. the Kingdom Age.

. a few things have to happen:

. the Jews have been ready to start the morning and the evening sacrifice for many years.

. everything is ready and waiting.

. the priests, their garments, an altar, an ark, etc.etc.

. they don’t necessarily have to build a temple for prophecy to be fulfilled.

. they could very easily put a tent with an ark in it, somewhere on or at the temple mount, thereby ‘restoring the tabernacle of David’, in their own thinking,

. and they could start the morning and evening sacrifice.

. then the ‘man of sin’ could stand up and fulfill endtime prophecy,

. what is the prophecy?

. the ‘man of sin’ will stop the morning and evening sacrifice,

. and set himself up to be god, to be worshiped.

. then the united nations will compass Jerusalem with their armies…..

. Donald Trump stands with Israel.

. I believe that he has been put in this office to stand with Israel.

. another reason for the level of rage that is coming at him.

. the globalists, Ishmael, Esau, Edom, Idumea, had other plans for Israel, for Jerusalem.

. at this point, today, God has said ‘not yet’.

. When?

. only God knows,

. and He will show His prophets.

. God has it.

. it has already been written.


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