The Red Spirit.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those who know the signs of the times.

. the Spirit of the Lord has “broken” in on me with a totally unexpected Word.

. I will endeavor to write it out, as usual, in very short flashes of Light.

. I have to admit, this Word has taken it’s toll on me this morning in every way.

. I am sick with it body, soul, and spirit.

. this word is Terrible. as in: God is Terrible.

. there is much weeping.

. I can only write about it at one time, as much as I can bear.

. to start this morning, just a few words:

. there is an endtime spirit.

. it runs rampant among us.

. some families are inundated with it.

. for generation after generation.

. it has destroyed families since the beginning.

. it leaves, in it’s wake, broken homes, broken families, broken lives.

. the spirit itself, knows no repentance.

. it is a spirit that does not Love his brother.

. it is the spirit of Esau.

. it is called ‘the red spirit’.


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