It is time. Something needs to move in the Spirit. right now. Part 1.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those who will believe and do and speak and sing and play their musical instruments (in worship), by His Word. with His Word. right now.

. something needs to move in the Spirit. right now.

. the globalists are desperate.

. the witches are desperate.

. the feminists are desperate.

. the politicians are desperate.

. all desperate to stop this ‘space’ that God has given this nation.

. all desperate for the one world currency,

. one world church with its leader,

. one world government with it’s leader,

. to be put into place.

. but they cannot accomplish those things on their own, even with Satan’s help.

. without God’s timing and God’s will and God’s people, those things cannot be accomplished.

. what do we do?

. what do we, as God’s people do?

. what is our part?

. what needs to move in the Spirit? right now?

. prayer. yes.

. always prayer without ceasing. yes.

. but there is an added dimension here.

. there is an endtime book.

. the book of the Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ that was given to John.

. written to us for exactly this time.

. we are, right now, in the beginning of chapter 4.

. the candlestick (church) realm is completed.

. we, through John’s seeing, are going through an open door.

. we, through John’s seeing are “coming up hither! to see things which must be hereafter.

. we are going from the candlestick realm to another realm!

. where are we headed?

. what are we going to see?

. the throne.

. it is all about the throne from here on out.

. it is all about the throne.

. what is to be done at the throne?

. what does every living thing in heaven and in the earth do at the throne?

. what is our response to the seeing of the throne?

. worship.

. it must be.

. hereafter.

. and forever more.

. read the book. see if it isn’t so.


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