Daniel’s 10 Toes.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that are hearing…right now. today.

To: those who know the urgency…right now. today.

. Daniel 2:41-45.

. when I was a child, I would sit and listen to the oldsters in our congregation talk of the 10 toes in Daniel.

. they believed the 10 toes to be the last form of the European Common Market.

. the final 10 nations that will make up what is called Europe.

. have you watched what has happened in Europe lately?

. I heard an interview on the radio last night.

. a man named Douglas Murray has written a book called: The Strange Death of Europe.

. I have not read the book.

. I am just telling you of the timely interview.

. he says that Europe is no longer Europe.

. they have lost their culture, their lifestyle, they have lost what used to be Europe.

. they have been inundated with another culture. another lifestyle. another religion.

. Islam.

. the gematria of Isis is 666.

. it could have, it would have happened to America.

. God has given America a space…

. to preach the gospel of the kingdom throughout the whole world…then will the end come…

. I guess the oldsters were right after all…


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