I will tell you what is taking place in the Spirit. in the throne room. around the throne. Right Now.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those who are hearing.

. things are moving rapidly in the realm of the Spirit.

. the gospel of the kingdom is being preached throughout all the world.

. the first seal on the sealed book will soon be opened.

. what is our part?

. what is your part?

. look in the book!

. what is the activity in heaven?

. as the first seal is opened?

. is it world wide evangelism?

. is it great ministry gifts being given out?

. is it men’s ministries being sought after and applauded and advanced?

. as my mother used to say: No! No! a thousand times No!

. the candlestick (church) realm is completed!

. the activity of the first seal being opened, is bathed and covered, before and after, with





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