I am calling for repentance. today. before sundown. on July 17, 2017. 7.7.7

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that need to repent.

To: those that will repent.

. today is a ‘certain’ day.

. there will never be another 7.7.7.

. there is a triple level of  ‘completion’ today.

. to those of you that have despised  your birthright,

. to those of you who have not Loved your Father nor your brother enough to take responsibility for your brother in your Fathers house.

. (I don’t think there is any natural gender here.

. this is coming so fast, I haven’t had time to think about that),

. spiritual brothers,

. natural brothers,

. this includes financial responsibilities,

. spiritual responsibilities,

. emotional responsibilities,

. spiritual, and

. natural responsibilities.

. I am sending out a call.

. here on 7.7.7.

. a call to repentance.

. before sundown.

. run to God.

. stay there until you know that you have not and will not shirk your responsibility to your brother,

. stay there until you have driven out every sin of Esau that is within you,

. stay there until you know that you will not put your fleshly appetites before your birthright in your Fathers house.

. your right and your responsibility as

. primogenitor.

. firstborn.

. son.

. manifested son.

. revealed son

. in your Fathers house.

. the whole of creation is groaning and in travail right now,

. I call for repentance.

. today.

. 7.7.7.


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