“tens of thousands of curses let loose…” “the threat is physical”.

. an ALERT goes out to anyone reading this blog.

. 2 alerts have just come in over the internet.

. “tens of thousands of curses have been and are being let loose” against our President.

. the Word that is coming is that the threat is physical on him and his family.

. I have written time and again about the anger of the globalists,

. after what happened in the last election here in America.

. the results of the last presidential election in America put a hold on what the globalists had planned.

. the results of the last presidential election have given this nation a space.

. a space for what?

. to preach the gospel of the kingdom.

. in every nation, tribe, kindred and tongue.

. from America.

. what they had planned was :

. an immediate coming together of the nations, with

. one world government.

. with one world leader.

. with one world currency.

. it was spoken on every news outlet by the one that lost the election.

. she made her plan very clear.

. we were one step away from it the night of the election.

. it was already in place, ready to be unleashed the next morning!!!

. God stepped in and put a hold on the globalist agenda.

. the globalists are FURIOUS!!!

. the feminists are FURIOUS!!!

. the witches are FURIOUS!!!

. could we pray? yes!

. could we worship? I hope so.

. thereby bringing the very manifested Presence of the Lord God of heaven and earth on the scene,

. thereby bringing the very manifested Presence of the Lord God right down into the midst.

. He INHABITS the PRAISE and WORSHIP of His people!!!

. let us be about about our Father’s business!

. tonight! right now! this very minute!

. as the sun goes down for the Sabbath!!!

. let us lay aside every other thing!

. let us begin to pray, yes!

. but let us begin to WORSHIP HIM, just like it is done, just like He has shown us, in the book of Revelation!!!

. remember the pattern of the book!!!

. worship. judgement. worship for that righteous judgement.

.  Satan is trying to take away the space that God has given this nation!!!

. ALERT!!!


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