Jezebel. the enemy of the prophetic. Part 3. this is awful! this is terrible! I almost cannot write it!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: God’s prophetic ones.

. this is so abhorrent to me, I almost cannot write it!

. I write these things in fear and trembling.

. I am sick right now with the reality of it.

. BUT. this is how much God hates unchaste cohabitation;

. especially cohabitation between His prophetic ones and unchaste ones.

. the combination is deadly.

. deadly. if not in the natural, then surely in the Spirit.

. sooner or later, in one way or another, one or the other has got to go,

. in order for the prophetic inheritance to continue.

. Jezebel is the enemy of the prophetic.

. her intent is to kill the productive prophetic speech and take the inheritance of it for herself.

. 1Kings 21:23. and of Jezebel also spake the Lord, saying, The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.

. 2Kings 9:30-37. and when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she painted her face, and tired her head, and looked out at a window.

. and as Jehu entered in at the gate, she said, Had Zimri peace, who slew his master?

. and he lifted up his face to the window, and said, Who is on my side? who? and there looked out to him two or three eunuchs.

. and he said, Throw her down. so they threw her down: and some of her blood was sprinkled on the wall, and on the horses: and he trode her underfoot.

. and when he was come in, he did eat and drink, and said, Go, see now this cursed woman, and bury her: for she is a kings daughter.

. and they went to bury her: but they found no more of her than the skull, and the feet, and the palms of her hands.

. wherefore they came again, and told him. and he said, This is the word of the Lord, which he spake by His servant Elijah the Tishbite, saying, In the portion of Jezreel shall dogs eat the flesh of Jezebel:

. and the carcass of Jezebel shall be as dung upon the face of the field in the portion of Jezreel; so that they shall not say, This is Jezebel.

. the summary meaning of Jezreel: seed scattered by God.

. if His prophetic ones continue on to follow Him, God will not allow His prophetic ones to cohabit as husband and wife with the ungodly, with the unchaste, passed a certain point.

. He will ultimately ask the question: Who is on my side? Who?

. please hear this by the Spirit of God.

. go to God quickly and seek His face before you disagree.

. in His timing, sooner or later, the Jezebel spirit must be thrown down.

. the Jezebel spirit is thrown down from it’s high place by

. the very ones that she has made unproductive. unable to reproduce.

. into the place where

. the seed is scattered…

. read the book.

. see if it isn’t so.


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